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Pioneer Cedar Living, a new division of Pioneer Log Homes of BC, creates the highest quality, custom handcrafted Western Red Cedar furniture and carvings.

Over the years we recognized our customers desire to accessorize their homes with handcrafted wood carvings and log furniture, so we began incorporating chainsaw carvings and custom made cedar furniture into our log home constructions. Customer demand for our wood carvings and log furniture increased beyond just our log homes clientele, and we started Pioneer Cedar Living, a new division of Pioneer Log Homes of BC.

Pioneer Cedar Living creates functional art and unique pieces out of Western Red Cedar to accent your home. Every piece of log furniture and chainsaw carving we create is individually handcrafted and designed by our master craftsmen.

We choose Western Red Cedar wood for our furniture and art pieces not only because it is one of a kind and stands out with its distinct beauty and durability but also because it is nature’s most remarkable building material! Cedar produces fewer greenhouse gases, generates less air and water pollution, and requires less energy to produce than its alternatives. Cedar is a true renewable and sustainable resource. All of our builders and carvers take great pride in a job well done to meet our customer’s wants and needs and to ensure complete satisfaction.

TOP: Bryan Reid Sr. in front of one of his three log home building sites in Williams Lake, BC.
BOTTOM: Bryan Reid Sr. has worked with wood for over 42 years, including 20 years on the road, attending home and trade shows, as well as educating contractors and carpenters and setting up dealers and distributors.

The full history on Pioneer Log Homes of BC and how it all began can be viewed in the following video:


The Carvers

We have an excellent team of experienced and artistic craftsman working on your wood carving and log furniture dreams. When you order a one of a kind custom wood chainsaw carving or a piece of cedar log furniture, you can count on our amazing world class wood carvers and furniture artisans to turn your dreams into reality. With many years of experience and incredible skills these artists turn raw wood into custom art. The art our wood carvers and furniture artisans create results in masterpieces of wood carvings and log furniture, as unique as our famous log homes, made especially for you. Some of our craftsmen can also be seen on the hit HGTV shows “Timber Kings” and “Carver Kings”.







Timber Kings

With over 180 years of combined experience, our Timber Kings Bryan Sr., Bryan Jr, André, Joel, Peter, and Beat form an incredible group of master craftsmen who create our beautiful and unique world class log homes. Their passion for top quality and customer satisfaction makes our custom log homes so special and the finest log homes on earth. All of our master craftsmen apply 100 % dedication to their trade, whether creating one of a kind chainsaw carvings, custom furniture, or a custom handcrafted log home or log cabin. No one can do it better!

You dream it they built it, with all their heart and soul put into it. Watch Here >