Ranch Gate and Log Archway

A ranch gate or a log archway is a way of saying you are welcome. Traditionally a ranch gate was a marker directing the traveler to the house. The most visible landmark in some places. It alerted the wayfarer that a friendly face could be found nearby. As more ranches sprang up and public roads developed, the ranch entrance became its owner’s trademark.

Displayed on the gate were the name of the ranch and often the brand and the date the ranch was established. The earlier the date, the greater the rancher’s clout.

Today we still see beautiful ranch gates, some simple and others elaborate. Non ranch property owners are also discovering the beauty of having a gate as an entry to their property. A ranch gate or log archway serve some businesses as their very own billboard, setting the tone for their business.

Pioneer has built many beautiful ranch gates and log archways over the years. We are more than happy to hand craft your archway or gate for you.

We choose Western Red Cedar for our handcrafted ranch gates and log archways, because Western Red Cedar is one of North America’s most durable wood. It’s natural resistance to deterioration has made Western Red Cedar a premier choice for exterior building use. Cedar fibers contain natural compounds that act as natural preservatives, making the wood extremely long-lasting. When properly finished, Western Red Cedar will last for decades, even in harsh environments.

Imagine what your entrance way would look like by having gigantic flared western red cedar logs form an archway coming on to your property. The wow factor is guaranteed.

Contact us today to get your very own Pioneer ranch gate or log entryway.

Gazebo in your Backyard

Approximately 80% of Canada’s workforce spends their days working indoors. That means, when the evenings and weekends roll around we want to be spending our time outdoors – regardless of the weather! A gazebo can be so much more than just a beautiful covered outdoor space, read on below to find out what a Western Red Cedar gazebo made by Pioneer Cedar Living can do for you!

  1. You can use it as a wonderful space for relaxation. It is a perfect place to read or surf the internet in a harmonic outdoor setting. Whether the gazebo is in your garden or poolside, it is the perfect place to escape for a while.
  2. It’s a great place for children to play. Your children and their friends can enjoy hours of fun outdoors playing out of the sun or rain in one of our signature gazebos. Perhaps consider incorporating a tree house into one corner of your Western Red Cedar gazebo!
  3. It doubles as an outdoor workspace. The fresh air and the relaxing atmosphere should help getting things done and keeping your mind fresh.
  4. Your gazebo can house a garden. Seeding and potting plats or working on your painting will become more fun in an outside setting.
  5. It can be an excellent place for entertaining. Whether your idea of entertaining is a few friends around a BBQ, a large event like a wedding, or a party with live music, a Pioneer Gazebo is the perfect spot. Perfect for both sunny and rainy days, it provides a place to eat, visit or celebrate!

So, whether you’re entertaining a crowd or looking for a space to relax and escape, a Western Red Cedar gazebo from Pioneer is the perfect addition to your backyard!


The Mud Room

The entryway is usually seen by all and used by guests, but the mudroom is a home’s secondary entrance. It is a room that many older homes don’t have, and many of us wish they would have. The mud room is a hardworking space. Even the tiniest of mudrooms help keeping the house clean and organized and the family efficient. The mudroom can be a highly functional room or it can also be a dumping ground if it isn’t outfitted with the right features. How you design your mudroom is after all your choice but here are some good ideas for a mud room were Pioneer Cedar Living can help:

  1. A place to sit down

To have a place to sit in the mud room is a must have feature. When coming home, the first thing you want to do before entering the rest of your house is sit down and take off your shoes or boots. The Pioneer cedar benches come with a back rest or without. For double-duty we can build a boot tray underneath, or a flip-up seat for extra concealed storage.

  1. Storage space

The ultimate mudroom feature is a set of open cubbies. Have one for each member of your family so everyone has their own designated storage space. Provide low storage for shoes, hooks for coats, and high storage for seasonal items. Your storage will look great in Western Red Cedar shelving and cubbies and your mud room will also smell amazing.

  1. A space to hang clothes

Wet clothing stuffed into a closet ends up making the closet and the rest of its contents less than fresh smelling. Pioneer Cedar Living can build you a small open closet with plenty of hooks for coats, jackets, back packs and more.

Mudrooms are really about storage and transition – a place to put things that otherwise might be spread out in several other places and a means to transition from the outside environment into the house. Pioneer Cedar Living Log Furniture out of Western Red Cedar is not only beautiful to look at it is also very durable and long lasting. Let us help you make your mudroom great and functional.


The New Rustic

When you hear the phrase “rustic design”, what do you think of? Deer antlers, bear rugs and metal buckets? Well the current design trends in rustic are chic and romantic and nothing like a trapper’s cabin in the woods or the old little farmhouse.

A lot of people are looking to re-purpose materials and shrink our foot prints by being eco-friendly and the new rustic design trend compliments that very well. The key is to mix natural woods and materials with sophisticated colors, soft features and modern elements. If you are looking to add a little bit of rustic to your home, but don’t want to commit to an entire room, it is easy to start with a few rustic accessories and some smaller log furniture pieces.

Here are some key features for the rustic trend:

  1. Enhance any of the rustic elements in your room, like supporting posts, the wooden floor or your ceiling beams. Plywood floors can be sanded and stained rustic as well. Or add new wooden floor and stain it with product that will give it a rustic look after being put on.
  2. Bringing the outdoors in. For example by using old refinished window frames as picture frames or metal elements as vases or candle holders. Antique glass bottles as shelf décor. Turn the old canoe into a shelf or use antique glass bottles as a vase for your dried flowers. The ideas are endless.
  3. Reuse (or by new) natural textiles like rattan, cotton, cotton tablecloth, linen towels or throws as table and window dressing.
  4. Log furniture are another item on the list to get the rustic look. Especially Western Red Cedar log furniture will enhance the room aromatically and visually as well. The log furniture does not have to be big and overloading. End- and coffee tables are a beautiful addition to the new rustic look
  5. Mixing contemporary pieces with rustic ones or pair the natural materials with turn-of-the-century industrial pieces. Modern pieces go also very well with refinished old pieces of any kind.


Mixing natural woods and materials creates a comfortable, worn vibe that often causes people rethink their notions of rustic décor.  Once you pair a mix of textured materials with a sophisticated color palate, you are on the road to a beautifully decorated new rustic room. Pioneer Cedar Living can help you out with log furniture of any kind.

Finishing your Log Furniture

The most sought after wood for log furniture is Western Red Cedar. It is a fine-grained wood that is durable and very resistant to insects and rot. Cedar can be left natural or be painted or stained to compliment your interior or patio décor, adding to its appeal. Log furniture is truly one of the most in-demand and beautiful pieces of furnishing available. The fresh and natural look can add peace and comfort to any setting.

We’ve provided some of our tips for finishing your log furniture.

Leave it natural. Cedar’s secret weapon is that the wood contains oils that act as natural preservatives that help the wood resist the fungi that rot wood, and repels insects that like to eat wood.  These are the same oils that give cedar its distinctive, soothing aroma. Some customers enjoy this cedar aroma and so leave their furniture unfinished seeking to retain the fresh invigorating smell. Left to itself, cedar will age naturally to a handsome silver-gray patina (with the occasional darker streak – it is a random natural process, after all).  The wood grain will raise and become more prominent over time.  Unfinished cedar furniture preforms best in climates that do not encourage decay, that is, areas with low humidity.  A longer service life would also be expected if the furniture is kept in a semi-covered or fully covered area, such as indoors or on a covered deck.

Use a transparent or semi-transparent finish. If you’d prefer to keep the warm red and gold tones of the Western Red Cedar, there are also options for finishing the furniture. You might consider a clear finish because it helps to give cedar its most natural look. It is very important to select the finishes that are of topnotch quality – these finishes get absorbed into the pores of the wood, sealing the finish. Enlist help from a local hardware store, or call us at 1-877-822-5647.

Choose carefully. Use caution when staining, as some finishes may change a wood’s appearance due to added color to the stain. If your cedar product will be left outdoors, ensure you select a stain or finish that can endure the various elements it will endure. These finishes should be able to bear humidity, extreme high and low temperatures, precipitation, UV rays and so on. There is a wide range of stains available on today’s market suitable for finishing cedar patio furniture. Keep in mind that you’ll need a deep penetrating stain in order to preserve the wood and retain its natural beauty. All penetrating stains go deep into the wood but do not form a surface barrier. This eliminates the problem of blistering and peeling.

Comforting Benefits of Western Red Cedar

The winter season comes with many great qualities – holidays surrounding us with friends, family and great food, our favorite winter sports and a new dusting of snow providing some of the more beautiful winter-scapes! But despite these joyful attributes, the winter season can leave us feeling blue. Decreased sunlight, cool temperatures and the business of the season all manage to dampen our spirits. Western Red Cedar is packed with amazing benefits that can help up defeat the “winter blues” despite all the not-so-nice features.

Visual benefits. Make those winter months as comfortable as possible by creating the perfect atmosphere inside your home. The color and handcrafted, organic design of our custom cedar furniture create a comforting visual effect for you and your guests. Any Western Red Cedar piece of furniture will enhance the atmosphere and contributes an amazing cedar smell all over the room or house.

Aromatic benefits. Did you know that the aroma of cedar can also affect you emotionally? Western Red Cedar furniture smells inviting and induces a feeling of harmony and comfort. Cedar is said to have a grounding, calming effect on the nervous system and is thought to have the spiritual effect of bringing people together, perfect for the holiday season!

Let us help you restore the true feelings of this wonderful season – warmth, happiness and peace! Contact us today for the perfect piece of Western Red Cedar furniture or a unique carving.

Cedar Carvings for your Christmas Décor

Winter is just about here in Canada and the first snow will fall soon. People are getting excited about Christmas and many have already started the countdown to the holidays!

It’s often second nature to grab the tubs of decorations from the garage or storage and slap your décor up in the usual places. Our beautiful carved trees and unique snowmen create excellent additions to your existing Christmas décor. Place the snowmen at your entrance to help welcome visitors, and allow your children to decorate their own mini-Christmas tree for an inimitable touch to your decorations!

We at Pioneer love to decorate our office for the holiday season. Aside from the traditional use of fresh poinsettias and cedar garlands, we also make use of our beautiful, natural, cedar carvings as decorations for the holidays. By decorating these carvings with some greenery, you will have a natural Christmas décor masterpiece! Inserting these decorated tree carvings inside your house will not only create an eye-catching element but also spread an incredible cedar aroma throughout your house.

These unique carved items not only create an incredible addition to your décor, they’re also wonderful gifts! Their size makes them perfect for any size of living space and the heartiness of the Western Red Cedar will allow them to last for ages!

Our snowmen are constructed specifically for the Christmas season, so don’t wait! Contact us today to order your snowman or carved tree.

Sustainability at Pioneer Cedar Living

More and more people and companies are becoming environmentally conscious and working to reduce their carbon footprint. Sustainable operations look different in each environment; some may change light blubs in their home or adopt a recycling program at work, and others may financially support sustainable initiatives. Here at Pioneer, sustainability is one of our founding principles. From our homes to our furniture, building sustainably and treating our forests with respect is one of our top priorities.

Today’s mainstream furniture, produced from plywood or MDF (medium-density fibreboard) not only uses large amounts of energy to create, but also contains harmful waxes and resins. Further, these pieces do not tend to be durable and create a large amount of waste. Handcrafted Western Red Cedar furniture from Pioneer Cedar Living is sustainably harvested, peeled by hand and will last for generations to come. What’s more, we replace anything we take from the mother nature, replanting a tree for each one harvested.

This durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly furniture is a beautiful additive to any space. Contact us today to get your custom log furniture!

Learn more about Pioneer’s sustainable practices here. https://www.pioneerloghomesofbc.com/sustainability/

A Handcrafted Cedar Log Bed


There’s nothing quite like a handcrafted cedar log bed to insure a good night’s sleep. Did you know? We spend roughly 121 days per year in bed! The quality of our sleep determines the way we live, from our moods to our overall health and even has an effect on the longevity of our lives. These are just a few reasons why getting a good night’s sleep in a restful environment is so important.

Pioneer Cedar Living offers beautiful handcrafted log beds made out of aromatic Western Red Cedar logs to enhance your very personal space and your sleep, here’s what we love about them:

  1. They are visually appealing. The beautiful mixture of gold and red hues adds a visual warmth to your bedroom. No man-made material can duplicate the depth of Western Red Cedar’s natural luster.
  2. They are built out of organic renewable materials. Pioneer Cedar Living’s handcrafted beds are made out of Western Red Cedar logs from the West Coast of British Columbia. A natural untreated material from an organic resource.
  3. They spread a soothing Aroma. This subtle aroma is one hallmark of Western Red Cedar. It smells inviting and gives you a feeling of harmony and comfort.
  4. They’re Romantic. The handcrafted comfort of a cedar log bed will invite you to stay and indulge in the soothing smells and cozy environment. Pioneer Cedar living’s log beds are the true picture of relaxation.

A bed made out of Western Red Cedar adds a special charm to your bedroom. They provide a relaxed, down-to-earth comfort that makes you feel as though you are right in the heart of the forest. A well-made, handcrafted cedar log bed is a work of art in its own right and provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

We will custom make your handcrafted cedar log bed that will last you a lifetime. Contact us today to get your very own Pioneer Cedar Living log bed.

Entryways by Pioneer Cedar Living

The entryway is one of the most underrated spaces in a home or building. The entryway is the area that is meant to separate the exterior from the interior, it provides our first and last impressions of a home. Across many cultures, entryways have been designed as symbolic thresholds to passages and new experiences.

Entryways set the tone for a home, but they also provides a functional and necessary space. Whether the entryway is a single wall area or its own room, it provides an area to welcome guests and store coats and shoes. The entryway is the place where you say ‘goodbye’ and ‘hello’ to your home daily.

Pioneer Cedar Living can help you create an entryway that will provide a striking opening to your interior with functional aspects. Cedar framed mirrors can be used to enlarge a space, and functional lighting can be combined with decorative cedar elements that serve as a focal point and element of interest. A cedar coat rack with a single stool is an excellent combination for small spaces and offer beauty along with their functionality. A large bench with attached coat hooks is great if your space is larger. All furniture pieces can even be customized with carvings!

There are many ideas and options to brighten up your entryway with Western Red Cedar log furniture from Pioneer. We would love to assist you with furnishing your entryway, contact us today.