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Cedar Log Bench

Handcrafted Cedar Log Bench

Each Pioneer Cedar Living cedar log bench is carefully handcrafted to fit your unique desires. Our cedar log benches are created with the highest quality Western Red Cedar, harvested from the coastline of British Columbia. The incredible properties of the Western Red Cedar make these benches suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

These benches can be crafted to meet your, or your organisation’s, exact needs. The length of the benches can vary from a minimum of 4 feet to a maximum of 10 feet in length. The backrest of these benches can be removed completely if you so desire. Character log pieces can be added to the bench to create a piece that fits perfectly in your backyard or in a memory garden. Have the cedar log bench engraved with a special message of congratulations for a newly married couple, or as an anniversary gift! Let us help you create the perfect memorial bench by including carvings depicting your loved one’s favourite past times; even incorporate a special piece of them, like their truck tailgate!

Prices for our cedar log benches start at $110/foot. Prices vary based on the diameter of log used, the length of the bench, any engravings or carvings, and any other special features added. Shipping and taxes extra.

To get started on your custom cedar log bench today, contact us!

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