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Carved Wood Bed

Carved wood bed handcrafted from Western Red Cedar

Our carved wood bed is truly one-of-a-kind! Crafted from Western Red Cedar, the finest wood species in the world, these beds not only look amazing, they provide aromatic benefits conducive to sleep and will last generations.

Each carved bed is created specifically for the individual customer. Carvings can encompass any hobby or passion, from horses to hot-rods and anything in between.

These beds can be constructed to fit any mattress size. While this particular bed showcases relief carvings in both the headboard and foot board, your carved cedar bed can be as custom as you’d like to make it. Carvings can be incorporated on posts, or as post toppers, benches can be added or removed from the foot board and so on.

Carved wood bed prices start at $12,500. Prices may increase or decrease based on bed size, number and intricacy of carvings. Special requests can be made to have carved wood beds created from alternative wood species. Taxes and shipping extra. Contact us today to get started on your custom carved wood bed!

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