Log Bar Table

Custom Log Bar Table from Western Red Cedar Logs

Our log bar table is constructed from a single Western Red Cedar log, harvested sustainably from the coast of British Columbia. The stump of the log is used to create the base of the table, while the remainder of the log is split in two to create the table top. Incredible wood finishing products allow for the colour difference between base and top. This log bar-height table will transform the atmosphere of any room or outdoor living space.

The incredible properties of Western Red Cedar make this table perfect for outdoor use as well; with or without finish, this table is sure to stand the test of time. This specific table (7003) is 42 inches tall, 30 inches wide and 60 inches long. We can create this log bar table to be any dimensions you request!

Prices for the log bar table start at $2400. Prices vary based on table dimensions and other modifications. Taxes and shipping extra. Contact us today to get started on your Pioneer Cedar Living custom furniture.

Log Planter

Unique Cedar Log Planter for Flowers or Vegetables

This Western Red Cedar log planter is an incredible way to showcase the beauty of your flowers or garden. This standard planter is approximately 3 feet tall, however, we can construct these planters in any dimensions you require. These natural log planters are resistant to decay, rot and insects, even if left unfinished.

Our cedar planter has been used to line driveways, entryways, for full vegetable gardens and even to spruce up a gas station! The cedar log planters are available with the log standing, or lying (canoe style).

Prices for our cedar log planter starts at $100/foot. Prices vary depending on style, diameter, height, carvings and other modifications. Shipping and taxes extra. Contact us today to add this perfect piece to your yard or garden.

Custom Dog House

Custom Dog House crafted from Western Red Cedar

Our custom dog house, built from Western Red Cedar logs is not only a cozy home for your favourite furry friend, it is also a beautiful piece of outdoor décor. Allow us to help you customize your pet’s home with a carving, name plate, bird house, or other additional elements. We’ll create a custom dog house that truly showcases your pet’s personality!

Our custom dog house is not only beautiful and unique; they also provide many benefits for your dog. The fibers of the wood contain naturally occurring oils which will act as a natural, organic insect repellent, as well as protect against rot and decay. Your dog will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter in this dog house, due to the very efficient, thermal co-efficient effects of the Western Red Cedar wood.

Custom cedar dog houses start at $1200.
Prices vary based on size, and any added elements. Shipping and taxes extra.

Log Picnic Table

Handcrafted Western Red Cedar Log Picnic Table

Our custom log picnic table is the perfect addition to any backyard, patio, deck or cabin. Constructed with Western Red Cedar our log picnic tables are resistant to rot, decay, and insects, even if left unfinished. The rich colour and aroma of these log picnic tables, paired with the durability and longevity, make them ideal for any outdoor atmosphere.

Our log picnic tables are extremely versatile and can be made to fit any space or budget. The length, width and height of the tables can all be adjusted to suit your needs, as well, we can equip your picnic table with or without benches. Log benches can be attached or detached from the picnic table. Table tops can be milled for anywhere from one to four flat sides. Log picnic table legs can be crafted from full or half stumps or milled timbers.

These tables can also be constructed for an indoor dinning area, with seating for any number of guests!

Log picnic table prices start at $1500. Prices vary based on length, height, width, carvings and other modifications. Shipping and taxes extra. Contact us today for a quote on a log picnic table for your outdoor space.

Fancy Log Bench – Doughnut Bench

Fancy log bench made out of Western Red Cedar wood. The properties of the Western Red Cedar wood is the reason we like to build our furniture out of it. This cedar log bench is about 6 ft in length. It has a unique shape to it and is beautiful master crafted. A stunning piece for your yard or in front of a business. The warm and rich color of the cedar wood and the natural organic design will let this bench go well with any type of exterior or interior design.

Custom Cedar Log Bench out of Western Red Cedar

Custom Cedar Log Bench out of  Western Red Cedar. This custom cedar log bench has a very simple and natural design. It is well suited for your backyard and can be easily combined with any other store bought garden or lawn furniture. This handcrafted piece of furniture will also look great in a boot room or at the entrance of a cabin.  If requested we can add relief carvings of your choice on the back or the seat of the bench. This bench comes in different length from 4 – 10 ft. Our cedar log furniture comes without a finish due to different product preferences of customers, but if requested we will put a finish on.

Cedar Log Bench

Cedar Log Bench. 8 ft long log bench made out of Western Red Cedar logs.

Cedar Log Bench

Handcrafted Cedar Log Bench

Each Pioneer Cedar Living cedar log bench is carefully handcrafted to fit your unique desires. Our cedar log benches are created with the highest quality Western Red Cedar, harvested from the coastline of British Columbia. The incredible properties of the Western Red Cedar make these benches suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

These benches can be crafted to meet your, or your organisation’s, exact needs. The length of the benches can vary from a minimum of 4 feet to a maximum of 10 feet in length. The backrest of these benches can be removed completely if you so desire. Character log pieces can be added to the bench to create a piece that fits perfectly in your backyard or in a memory garden. Have the cedar log bench engraved with a special message of congratulations for a newly married couple, or as an anniversary gift! Let us help you create the perfect memorial bench by including carvings depicting your loved one’s favourite past times; even incorporate a special piece of them, like their truck tailgate!

Prices for our cedar log benches start at $110/foot. Prices vary based on the diameter of log used, the length of the bench, any engravings or carvings, and any other special features added. Shipping and taxes extra.

To get started on your custom cedar log bench today, contact us!