Log Mantel

Handcrafted Cedar Log Mantel

A cedar log mantel is the perfect addition to any fireplace. The warmth of the cedar adds to the incredible ambiance a fireplace adds to any room. Whether you’d like a mantel that is functional or purely aesthetic, we can create the perfect piece for your home.

These cedar log mantels can be cut to fit any dimensions or mounting style you prefer. If your style is more modern, we can mill your mantel to a square timber to accompany your taste! Include a relief carving in your mantel to further personalize this incredible piece.

Log Mantel prices start at $800. Prices vary based on length of mantel, optional carvings, root systems, and milling. Shipping and taxes extra.

Cedar Log Mantel

Custom build Cedar Log Mantel

Perhaps you require a fireplace mantel that is more than just a shelf above your fireplace? Our cedar log mantel is the perfect solution. Let us help you give your fireplace a complete makeover with cedar log plating, framing and shelving.

Each piece of Western Red Cedar in our cedar log mantels offer incredible character, colour and aroma. By hand selecting each piece of wood used in your mantel, we create a piece of art that is unique and suited to your needs and style. Curved character logs can be incorporated for an even more stunning, edgy design.

Prices for our cedar log mantels start at $990. Prices vary based on size and number of logs used, incorporated carvings, character logs, and any additional elements. Shipping and taxes extra. Contact us today to get started on your cedar log mantel!