Western Red Cedar Log Bench with Spirit Eagle Carvings

This Western Red Cedar log bench with spirit eagle carvings is truly a master piece of art.

It will enhance any room, patio or garden.

Custom Cedar Log Bench with Celtic Symbols

Custom Cedar Log Bench made out of Western Red Cedar logs.

This is truly a master craftsman piece of art. This bench was custom made for a wedding anniversary.

It holds the Celtic thistle with Celtic knots as well as the family’s clan crest.



“Everything went over perfectly! I cannot express my gratitude to your team and your expertise and talent, which is evident in every inch of this piece of art. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and skilled eye in bringing the picture in my mind to life. This is a treasure that will be handed down through generations of the Clan MacLeod.” Kathy McLeod

Carved Cedar Log Bench

Carved Cedar Log Bench Handcrafted by Pioneer Mastercraftsmen

This carved cedar log bench is a variation of our standard cedar log bench. Carved specifically for a horse enthusiast, this bench can be modified to satisfy any unique pastimes, memories or other interests. Use this custom bench as a way to celebrate your organisation’s anniversary or as a unique wedding gift!

Created with Western Red Cedar, this bench is rich with colour and character and has an incredible resistance to weather conditions, rot and insects.

The price for this carved cedar log bench starts at $8500. Prices are subject to increase or decrease based on length, number and detail of carvings and engravings. Shipping and taxes extra. If you’re interested in a carved log bench, contact our furniture team today.

Custom Cedar Log Bench with Chainsaw Carvings

Custom Cedar Log Bench with Chainsaw Carvings perfect for outdoor use

This stunning cedar log bench with chainsaw carvings is made from the finest Western Red Cedar wood. Complete with custom bear carvings, this bench is a true master piece! Fitting for a road-site rest stop, a community entryway, or a backyard conversation piece, Pioneer Cedar Living will work with you to create your vision of perfection.

Each Pioneer cedar log bench is handcrafted and unique. Prices for this bench start at $16,500. Prices vary based on length of bench, log diameter, and number and intricacy of carvings. Taxes and shipping extra. If you’re interested in getting a quote on your cedar log bench with chainsaw carvings, contact us today!

Full Cedar Log Bench

Full Cedar Log Bench handcrafted from Western Red Cedar

Our full cedar log bench is created from a full cedar log with ¼ cut out! Just as each Western Red Cedar log used for crafting these benches is unique, so is each individual bench! These cedar benches can be created from nearly any diameter of log, so the possibilities truly are endless!

The amazing properties of this cedar bench make it perfect for indoor or outdoor seating.

Add even more character to your bench by including a carving or engraving.

Prices for this full cedar log bench start at $3900.
The price for this bench is determined by log diameter, length, and carvings or engravings. The price can increase or decrease depending on your specific needs. Shipping and taxes extra.

Cedar Log Bench

Handcrafted Cedar Log Bench

Each Pioneer Cedar Living cedar log bench is carefully handcrafted to fit your unique desires. Our cedar log benches are created with the highest quality Western Red Cedar, harvested from the coastline of British Columbia. The incredible properties of the Western Red Cedar make these benches suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

These benches can be crafted to meet your, or your organisation’s, exact needs. The length of the benches can vary from a minimum of 4 feet to a maximum of 10 feet in length. The backrest of these benches can be removed completely if you so desire. Character log pieces can be added to the bench to create a piece that fits perfectly in your backyard or in a memory garden. Have the cedar log bench engraved with a special message of congratulations for a newly married couple, or as an anniversary gift! Let us help you create the perfect memorial bench by including carvings depicting your loved one’s favourite past times; even incorporate a special piece of them, like their truck tailgate!

Prices for our cedar log benches start at $110/foot. Prices vary based on the diameter of log used, the length of the bench, any engravings or carvings, and any other special features added. Shipping and taxes extra.

To get started on your custom cedar log bench today, contact us!

Memorial Log Bench

Western Red Cedar Memorial Log Bench

Pioneer Cedar Living’s true specialty is our memorial log bench. These very special cedar log benches are handcrafted to help eternalise the memory of a lost loved one. Our incredible team of sales staff and craftsmen will work with you to create the perfect commemorative cedar log bench.

With help from our talented carvers, you can create a memorial log bench that perfectly captures the hobbies and interests of your loved one. We are even able to include non-wood elements in these memorial benches, such as plaques and other mementos. A pickup truck tailgate was even included in one of our handcrafted memorial log benches.

These log benches can be crafted from 4 to 10 feet in length. Prices for memorial log benches start at $110/foot. Prices are subject to change based on length, carvings, engravings and added elements. Shipping and taxes extra.
If you would like to memorialize your lost loved one with a memorial log bench, please contact us today.

Custom Log Bench

Custom Log Bench handcrafted from Western Red Cedar

Looking for something more unique than our standard cedar log bench? Look no further than our custom log bench!

We can create any bench design you desire! These custom log benches can be made for indoor or outdoor décor, and can be crafted to fit any style! Sketch your own design, or work with our talented furniture department to create a one-of-a-kind cedar log bench. Visit our Pinterest page for more unique ideas. As always, these benches are constructed with the finest Western Red Cedar.

Prices for the custom log bench starts at $1200.
Prices are determined by length, engravings and carvings, and can increase or decrease based on these variables. Shipping and taxes extra.