Cedar Log Bed with Bench

Custom made Cedar Log Bed with Bench

Our cedar log bed with bench combines incredible beauty with impeccable functionality. This bed is an excellent additive to any master bedroom or guestroom. As with all our furniture, every aspect of our log bed with bench is completely customisable.

With a warm colour, straight grain and tight knots, an aromatic scent and incredible character, our log bed with bench will create an ambiance of unimaginable comfort.

These custom beds are available in any bed size. Prices start at $6500 and increase or decrease based on bed size, carvings and other modifications. Shipping and taxes extra.

Cedar Log Bed

Handcrafted Western Red Cedar Log Bed

There is truly nothing standard about our standard cedar log bed! Built by out talented master craftsmen from Western Red Cedar, these beds can be built to fit any design!

Pioneer Cedar Living’s beautiful handcrafted log beds built out of Western Red Cedar Wood are eco-friendly and will add both a warm and comfortable atmosphere and a natural feel to your home.

This specific bed (1003) is crafted from whole logs, slabs and timbers. All combined to create the perfect center piece for the bedroom. Non-wood elements, such as the horseshoe pictured here can be added to your cedar log bed to increase its uniqueness. These custom beds can be created in any mattress size and any style you’d like. A four poster bed, a bunk bed, something with large logs or a more modern style built entirely from milled timbers, whatever your style or desire, Pioneer Cedar Living can create your dream bed.

Prices for the pictured model (1003) start at $6500. Prices vary based on mattress size, number and size of logs used, intricacy of design, pickets, carvings and other modifications. Taxes and shipping not included. Contact us today to get started on your cedar log bed.

Carved Wood Bed

Carved wood bed handcrafted from Western Red Cedar

Our carved wood bed is truly one-of-a-kind! Crafted from Western Red Cedar, the finest wood species in the world, these beds not only look amazing, they provide aromatic benefits conducive to sleep and will last generations.

Each carved bed is created specifically for the individual customer. Carvings can encompass any hobby or passion, from horses to hot-rods and anything in between.

These beds can be constructed to fit any mattress size. While this particular bed showcases relief carvings in both the headboard and foot board, your carved cedar bed can be as custom as you’d like to make it. Carvings can be incorporated on posts, or as post toppers, benches can be added or removed from the foot board and so on.

Carved wood bed prices start at $12,500. Prices may increase or decrease based on bed size, number and intricacy of carvings. Special requests can be made to have carved wood beds created from alternative wood species. Taxes and shipping extra. Contact us today to get started on your custom carved wood bed!

Custom Log Bed

Four poster custom log bed with diamond willow pickets

Our custom log bed can be handcrafted to fit any décor style you desire. These log beds are crafted from Western Red Cedar logs, harvested from the west coast of British Columbia. Each cedar bed is created specifically for you, helping us construct your vision of perfection.

This particular custom cedar log bed (1002) is a combination of Western Red Cedar and diamond willow pickets, allowing for a traditional look with added character. The log posts with branches are not only aesthetically unique, they also provide function, doubling as a robe or blanket hanger. Your custom log bed can be created with diamond willow pickets, a built in bench, built in storage, or any other modifications you desire.

Prices for custom cedar log beds start at $6500. Prices vary based on modifications. Taxes and shipping not included. Interested in a quote? Contact us today!