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Raccoon Wood Carving

Raccoon wood carving. Detailed wood carving of raccoon with cub. A very beautiful life size wood carving incorporated on branches. A very life like carving that will put a smile on your face. This wood carving like all of our others are carved out of Western Red Cedar wood.

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Hello André, Thanks to you and everyone at Pioneer Log Homes, my husband Kent got the surprise of his life for his birthday. I can't believe we were able to keep it a secret until the day! Even when the crate was sitting on the front entranceway - his guess was that it was a large rock, (as we collect crazy rocks too) - so he had no idea what so ever! All the family and friends knew what I had planned and they were so excited for him too - and helped keep the surprise. Thank you for your understanding, support, incredible skill and craftsmanship of this carving. We look forward to a continued relationship with you and many more projects in the near future! - Fiona