Wizard Chainsaw Carving

Wizard Chainsaw Carving. This wizard chainsaw carving stands 80″ tall and is made out of a Western Red Cedar log.

Relief Carving “The HOBBIT”

Relief carving “The Hobbit”. This relief carving is carved into a laminated board of Western Red Cedar. It shows a scene out of the Hobbit Movie. This relief carving is truly a piece of art and  the master craftsmanship is amazing. This carving represents very well our motto : You dream it, we build it ! The dimensions of the laminated board is 6 x 4.5 feet and 6″ thick.

Chainsaw Carving of Face of a Spirit-Man

Chainsaw carving spirit-man face made out of a cedar log.

Chainsaw Carving of a Spirit-Man Face

Custom chainsaw carving of a face of a spirit-man.

Chainsaw Carvings of Little Timber King Trees

Different sizes of chainsaw carvings  –  Timber King trees.

Chainsaw Carving of a Small Cedar Tree

Beautiful little chainsaw carving of a cedar tree.

Chainsaw Carving of Raven Sitting on Books

Chainsaw carving of a raven sitting on a pile of “Lord of the Ring” books.

Custom Chainsaw Carving of Hands Holding a Hamburger

Custom chainsaw carving of giant hands holding a hamburger.

Chainsaw Relief Carving of a Flower

Chainsaw relief carving of a flower.

Chainsaw Carving of a Flower

Chainsaw carving of a flower at the end of a ridgepole.

Dragon Wood Carving

Beautiful dragon wood carving . Made out of Western Red Cedar wood.