Eagle Chainsaw Carving S

Eagle Chainsaw Carving. Three feet tall and carved out of a Western Red Cedar log.

Eagle Chainsaw Carving – Urn

This beautiful chainsaw carving of an eagle catching a fish was a custom made. It has an opening in the bottom to hold an Urn .

Any carving can be customized for each individual size and shape of an Urn.

Eagle Carving

Eagle carving made out of a Western Red Cedar log. This carving is life size and can be placed in the interior of your house or outside to enhance your garden , porch or entrance.

Custom Chainsaw Carving of Flying Eagle

Custom chainsaw carving of eagle in flight with a caught fish.

Custom Chainsaw Carving of Eagle With Eaglets

Custom chainsaw carving of eagle feeding a fish to the eaglets.

Bald Eagle Wood Carving

Beautiful wood carving of bald eagle.

Custom Chainsaw Carving of Bald Eagle

Beautiful custom chainsaw carving of bald eagle with trout. This chainsaw carving was painted and airbrushed.

Eagle Chainsaw Carving

Eagle chainsaw carving out of Western Red Cedar.

Custom Wood Carving of Eagle Nest

Beautiful custom wood carving of an eagle nest. This wood carving is very detailed and carved out of cedar wood.

Chainsaw Carving of an Eagle Nest

Custom chainsaw carving of an eagle nest with parents and eaglets.

Chainsaw Carving of Eagle on Ridgepole

Custom chainsaw carving of an eagle head at the end of a ridgepole.

Eagle Chainsaw Carving

Custom chainsaw carving.

Eagle sitting holding fish in his claws. This chainsaw carving is made out of Western Red Cedar wood.