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Pioneer Cedar Living employs the same dedication to quality, uniqueness and perfection in the handcrafted cedar log furniture and carving industry, as is seen in our Pioneer Log Homes. Much like our homes, each Pioneer Cedar Living carving and piece of furniture is entirely custom, built to suit the needs and personality of the client.

Pioneer’s industry leading log inventory allows us the ability to hand select each piece of wood for every project we construct. This log inventory also makes us the number one choice for any milled Western Red Cedar timbers. We are dedicated to quality, uniqueness and perfection in our cedar log furniture, chainsaw carvings and timber. Western Red Cedar, the choice wood species of Pioneer Log Homes and Pioneer Cedar Living, creates a product rich in colour, character, and aroma, that is guaranteed to last for generations.

These factors, paired with over 40 years of experience ensure our clients receive the very best whether it is a custom log furniture piece, carving, or cedar timbers.

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